7 Signs That You’re Not in a Real Irish Pub

Real Irish PubOne crucial aspect that differentiates the regular pubs from an authentic Irish pub, is the fact that common pubs are usually “screaming” for how much they have to offer and that their general ambient will be a loud and very agitated one. Authentic Irish pubs on the other hand, will put more emphasis on being a place for social gatherings, rather than places to come and drink and be loud. Maintaining a historical heritage and cultural aspects that formed their initial principles, Irish pubs will be more of a meeting place for casual discussions than just bars for drinking.

When one is on the look-out for signs that could tell if he is into a genuine Irish pub, there are quite a few easy indicators that could help. Here’s just seven of them:

  • Seeing a neon clover sign hung up above the pub. This is a clear indicator that the pub in this case is not “Irish” at all, since authentic Irish pubs do not advertise their specificity through such average looking signs;
  • They play popular music such as the top 40. If one will find himself surrounded by people who shout loudly just to hear themselves speaking over some pop music track, well that won’t be an Irish pub he’s into;
  • The pub will only serve Jameson whiskey. If the pub will only serve this kind of whiskey and not Redbreast or Bushmill’s traditional Irish brands, than that pub will surely not be authentic;
  • They will only serve Guinness as the main beer. Yet another simple but effective give-away sign, an authentic Irish pub will serve more than that, for example Murphy’s or Smithwicks beer;
  • The Guinness will be “watery”. The local Guinness is always thicker than the one provided for export;
  • The presence of a karaoke machine. It is extremely rare to find such things in authentic Irish pubs;
  • TVs inside the pub, lots of them. A clear clue that this will certainly not be an authentic Irish pub, as the typical Irish establishment avoids blue glows.