Dublin – Famous for Fascinating Bars and Pubs

Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, will be a true gem for the thirsty travelers who are in the search for a good variety of bars and pubs, which all maintain a traditionalist approach and preserve parts of the initial Irish pub culture. One of the most famous areas from the city, that contains a great deal of bars and pubs is the popular Temple Bar market, where one will find a cornucopia of bars and restaurants to meet the desires of almost anyone.

Visiting Dublin without spending at least a few days in this area is not complete and we encourage our bar aficionados to take their time and spend some crucial moments into this area, as they will not regret it.

The Foggy DewThe bars and taverns one can find in Dublin’s Temple Bar market will fascinate the thirsty traveler through diversity but in the same time they will retain their initial traditional aspects. Those who visit this place can expect to be impressed by the local pubs, bars and taverns are great places for soaking up the local atmosphere, culture and the music which most of the evenings is performed live. Some bars which are worth mentioning in the area of Dublin city are the following:

  • The Temple Bar – one of the most popular bars of the area, it will feature a fine local craft beer coupled with unusual international fares and traditional relaxation Irish music;
  • The Foggy Dew – it will provide tourists with a traditional atmosphere merged with quality beer, all offered in a modern environment;
  • The Barzen Head – this bar dates back as far as the 1100’s and it has its own special mark in the Irish tradition, being referred by James Joyce in Ulysses;
  • The Norseman – offering quality local beer, whiskey and good music that make for a great atmosphere, this bar draws travelers from around the world;