How to Find a Real, Authentic Irish Pub

Our blog offers thirsty travelers some useful tips for easily determining if they find themselves into a real, authentic Irish pub. Following these pointers shouldn’t be too troublesome and one could determine the authenticity of the pub fairly easy. In the next lines we will describe some pointers and advice for establishing the authenticity of Irish pubs. We hope you will enjoy them and that they will offer you useful insight in getting to know the original Irish pubs from the “fake” ones.

Real, Authentic Irish PubIn an Irish pub, one will certainly not see many TV screens, and this is a very easy clue to follow when looking for easy give away. The presence of many TVs could indicate an American pub, but this will not be Irish for sure;

A great clover neon sign at the entrance in the pub is yet another quick clue that could tell one that this is not an authentic Irish pub. Authentic Irish pubs avoid to advertise their establishments through such undertaking and this can be confirmed by visiting Ireland;

Hearing average, common music like the one people would expect to find in various musical tops could be strong indicator that the authenticity of that pub is questionable, since Irish pubs most of the time will feature traditional Irish music instead;

Serving only Jameson whiskey is another thing to look for when trying to determine if the pub where one is currently located, is an authentic Irish pub. Most of the times authentic pubs will server more brands such as the Readbreast or Bushmill traditional brands;

Serving only Guinness as the main beer is yet another important clue that the pub is far from being Irish. Authentic Irish pubs will not serve only Guinness beers, but they will also provide other beer brands such Murphy’s or Smithwicks.