Irish Bars in America

When it comes to the tradition of Irish pubs in the American continent, one can cross the entirety of the United States of America and he will always find an city that houses one, if not several Irish pubs. The authenticity of these pubs will be questionable indeed, but their presence will surely be guaranteed.

Irish Bars in AmericaThe tradition of Irish pubs in America goes back all the way to the early 1800’s and most of it was caused by massive wave of emigrants that came from Ireland. Although most of the emigrants established themselves in America during the 19th century, there were constant wave of Irish people who stepped over the American borders and started developing their own Irish pubs across seas.

Some of the most prominent cases when it comes to the emigrants that laid the foundations of the current Irish pubs in America occurred due to the commercial presence of companies such as Guinness and the Irish Pub Company, which through their export of Irish products gradually lead to an increase in the number of Irish pub in North America. These companies even defined a trend for America-based Irish pub owners, who started to import authentic woodwork from Ireland in order to increase the authenticity of their Irish pubs from America.

The impact which Irish pubs had on the local economy and social life in America was substantial and currently these establishments are some of the most prolific dining concepts in America, with the mention, however, that most of them are not run by Irish man anymore, but by American or even Canadian companies. Having a very high profit rate when compared to other types of restaurants, Irish pubs were an instant turn-on of the large companies who profited by this and turned the Irish pub business from an Irish authentic one into a foreign operated one.