Three Great Food Pubs in Ireland

How to Find a Real, Authentic Irish Pub

Our blog offers thirsty travelers some useful tips for easily determining if they find themselves into a real, authentic Irish pub. Following these pointers shouldn’t be too troublesome and one could determine the authenticity of the pub fairly easy. In

Which Type of Bar Is Your Favorite?

Determining which type of bar is your favorite is yet again something which largely depends on the individual taste of different people. Choosing a bar as being the best is a difficult task and creating a top of one’s favorite

Visiting Dublin: Hotels Near the Temple Bar Food Market

Being seen as one of Dublin’s best place to find night spots and restaurants with unusual ambient, Temple Bar Food Market will be filled with narrow and cobbled streets that will surely impress the bar tourists all around the world.

Ideas for Pub and Bar Logos

When searching for design ideas for bar and pub logos, one must consider a number of factors, which will influence the final decision when selecting a specific design for the logo. Depending on the audience and target public which the

The Best Irish Whiskeys to Warm Up Your Winter

As far as the whiskey origins go, one might notice that most of the time, Scottish whiskey will be more popular than Irish one, in spite the fact that whiskey comes from Ireland. The name, which originates from the Irish

Create Your Own Home Bar Pub

For DIY aficionados and those who want to create their own private bar or pub in their home, there are numerous ideas that could guide them in achieving the desired configuration. One must take into consideration the kind of bar