The Best Irish Whiskeys to Warm Up Your Winter

As far as the whiskey origins go, one might notice that most of the time, Scottish whiskey will be more popular than Irish one, in spite the fact that whiskey comes from Ireland. The name, which originates from the Irish language, means “water for life”. In the following lines we will present a list of some of the best whiskeys out there that could keep you warm during the winter and provide enjoyment time and time again.

Knappogue Whiskey.Knappogue Whiskey. Coming from the Tullamore distillery, this whiskey comes packed in bourbon barrels and provides a mellow flavor. Being colorless and odorless, it has consistently won awards at spirits competitions all around the world, having been named as one of the top ten musty try Irish whiskeys;

Green Spot Whiskey. Originating from the Mitchell family, this family-run whiskey still remains in the top. Having a very limited production range of 1,200 bottles per year and being described by many as some of the world’s greatest whiskey, this brand has Irish origins embedded deep within its past.

Greenore Whiskey. This is Ireland’s most famous single grain malt whiskey which is made by the independent Cooley distillery in Louth. Also having a limited production number of 4,000 bottles per year, this is one of the few whiskeys in the world which is made out from single grain, as most other whiskeys are made from blends of different batches, in order to alter the flavor.

William Napier Whiskey. Entering production in the 1940s, this whiskey also comes from the famous Tullamore distillery and it is among one of the last batches produced there. Most people would characterize this whiskey as being rich and spicy, and they would recommend serving it for special occasions, as it boasts a rather prohibitive price of around half of the average salary in Ireland.
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