The Rising Popularity of Bar Side Dining

Nowadays, having a complementing bar near your already established restaurant has become a sort of trend within the restaurant owners. That being said, bar side dining is becoming more and more popular by each passing day. More than half of the people who usually went for dining in restaurants, will now visit the aforementioned restaurants just to be able to attend their adjacent bars. Furthermore. The menu of the side bars is different from the one served in the restaurants and it attracts people because it provides them with a change from their usual restaurant routine.

Bar Side DiningWhen coming to the restaurants, most people will find comfort in spending some initial time in a bar on the same location and this is observed throughout the whole restaurant chains. Having noticed that customers are more and more attracted by side bars, the restaurant owners are gradually starting to pay more attention to their bars and concentrate most of the workload on keeping these up-to-date and ready to receive the avid customers.

Many restaurant specialists are considering that a bar should ideally be the main attraction of a restaurant and that it should “lure” clients in and invite them, just like a kind of welcoming party. Usually maintaining a different lighting setup and providing a different atmosphere than the one from the restaurant, side bars tend to offer a highly different experience and will help isolate customers into a different environment altogether.

However, since the restaurant market is sustaining quite significant changes on this field and more and more owners are shifting their business to a side bar-oriented approach, one must take special care when designing and setting up the ambient conditions for the complementing bar. Exaggerating too much with the lighting conditions or with the differences in atmosphere of the bar, might make clients reconsider their choice and eventually withdraw completely from such demeanors. A good balance between the ambient conditions of the restaurant and the ones from its side bar is a key factor when developing such undertakings.