Tips for Cleaning Your Pub on Good Friday!

Cleaning Your Pub on Good FridayAs one might already know, Good Friday means that Irish pubs are closed and no tourist will be able to visit them in order to have a drink. Thanks to an old law which is around 90 years old, the 25th of March has been declared a day with a ban on alcohol sales. Therefore, anyone who wishes to visit a pub that day and serve a beer or some plain old wine, will not be able to quench his / her thirst.

Nevertheless, this day will not be lost by the owners of Irish pubs, as it provides a good opportunity to put order into their establishments. Yes, when the 25th of March arrives, the pub owners will profit from this “day off” and they will use it in order to clean their pub, in order to make it spanking clean for the customers that are to come the following day.

Having said that, one might ask the question: “How to do the spring cleaning in your pub in a quick and efficient way?”. Luckily, there are many ways to achieve that and we shall present some of them in the following lines and hope that these tips and tricks will help the pub owners clean their pubs in a timely manner.

One might think that cleaning your pub in the spring involves a complete re-haul of the pub itself and tearing the place apart and putting it back together after. However, maintaining the atmosphere of the pub is the key concept here and one must focus on that, rather than on pulling everything out of the pub and then ending up not having enough time to place things back. Sine spring is coming, some flowers are in order, and one could spruce up the place by adding some plants. Additionally, spending money on expensive cleaning products is yet another pitfall. People simply need to use vinegar or mix water with lemon and whiskey and they’ll have themselves some good cleaning products.