Tips for Decorating Your New Bar

Decorating Your New BarOn this blog post we shall help our fans who have recently constructed their own DIY bars to decorate their new home based pubs. As with constructing the actual home bar, decorating it also involves certain steps which when applied correctly can transform a regular home bar into a delightful experience for both its owners and the visitors which they shall have during the following years. When deciding to decorate his bar, one must consider some of the following aspects:
– Defining the main purpose of the bar, one must decide if that bar will be a wet bar, coffee bar or a breakfast bar, prior to the decoration process, in order to choose adequate elements;

– Choosing a theme: after deciding on the bar’s type, one can proceed with deciding on a theme that could sum up the characteristics of the chosen bar type. Some common bar types to choose from are: wine bars, tiki bars, family-recreation bars or cafe-themed bars;

– Deciding on a budget for the planned decoration is another essential step when starting to decorate a bar. Being able to plan the financial aspects for the process will make the difference between a complete decoration, with adequate elements and an incomplete one, with many missing items and numerous shortcomings due to lack of funds;

– Installing appliances will require the help of a certified electrician that will help you run the cable for all the necessary machinery such as the refrigerator unit, cooler, dishwasher and outlet in the bar area;

– Installing the proper lighting for the desired ambient conditions will take some time and experimentation, as one needs to determine the right color temperature and intensity for the installed lighting systems. Using LEDs will greatly improve the life time of the system and one will be able to adjust the luminosity settings much easier.