Traditional Irish Pubs in Dublin

Irish Pubs in DublinFor sure, the tourist who visits the Emerald Island will certainly want to try out the Irish beer in the traditional pubs across the country. When coming to the country’s capital, Dublin, one might ask himself which are the best pubs he could try and benefit from a traditional atmosphere. In the following paragraphs we try to offer some insight through a list of pubs that we considered as best describing the traditional and cultural aspects one might find in Ireland.

Hogan’s Pub

Being a quite spacious pub and featuring a dance floor, this pub will be traditional yet in the same time flaunting a more modern and stylish design, being quite popular for bike messengers.

The Globe

Again, one traditional pub that wants to be in touch with the current design trends, The Globe will provide thirsty tourists with a quite serious attitude coming from the barmen and people will be happy to know that this bar is a late bar.


Quite a popular choice for many locals and tourists alike, this bar will be famous for its traditional Irish music and the band “The Dubliners” who made their debut right in this bar.

– The Long Hall. Yet another long standing actor in the pub scene in Dublin, this bar is less popular and therefore it will be less crowded, therefore being the ideal destination for the tourist who seeks peace of mind.


Having a rather cozy feel to it, this pub will remember tourists about their homes, having a terrific interior design which resembles the looks and feels of a regular house where everyone will feel welcome.

The Cobblestone

Traditional Irish music lovers will surely appreciate what this bar has to offer. A good place to chat and share stories to the sounds of traditional Irish music and the best part is that tourists will get those for free as there is no entry fee for the musicals.
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