Why Restaurants Need to Invest in Their Bar Side Dining Offering

Bar Side Dining OfferingAs discussed in the previous pages, the restaurant marked is witness to significant changes in terms of adding complementing bars to the well established restaurants. This phenomena has taken quite ample proportions and is spreading rapidly to almost all restaurants. The explanation behind this behavior might be given by the way which customers perceive the presence of the side bar near the restaurant. Possibly hunting a different atmosphere, lighting conditions, ambient or even a different menu than the one currently offered in the restaurant, clients might choose the side-bars over their corresponding restaurants because of the slight differences that could describe their dining experience.

Since the flux of customers who are currently becoming attracted by side bars is in a continuous increase, it’s easy to see how this could provide numerous benefits for those who would like to invest in such additions to their existing restaurant business. Again, thanks to surveys and detailed studies, certain criteria for customer behavior and feedback were delimited, when it comes to side bar dining.

Therefore, a restaurant owner that would like to append a side bar to his restaurant could consider the fact that the popular opinion regards a restaurant which has a complementing bar as being more chic and appealing for customers. The clients will also be more inclined to frequent such restaurants that feature bars due to the potential price variation, as the bar could incorporate different menus and therefore attract more customers with a more broad price range.

In addition to enlarging the price point of the restaurant, a side bar will help increase the number of customers by providing a more diverse food palette, with dedicated dishes for small meals, seasonal meals or even event specific recipes. Furthermore, having a side bar will allow restaurant owners to organize food tastings and provide a different atmosphere than the one from the restaurant, where clients will feel better when trying out new recipes.